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How to end abusive relationships and ending or leaving abusers

When you decide to bring an end to an abusive relationship or situation you must stick to your choice, be determined to end it, have someone help you end it and make sure it ends. You can either end the relationship slowly but surely detaching yourself from it... day by day (which can be easier) or cut off the relationship completely impulsively and at any moment (which is quicker but can leave unanswered 
questions and can lead to problems or difficulties). 
The Best way to End abuse is to LEAVE who ever is abusing you and disappear from their life if possible. Leave a letter if you are afraid of confronting them or just call them after you disappear and make sure the caller ID is off. If Family is abusive you must leave the area you live in and make sure they don't know where you live and find a new set of friends and make sure they don't know who your new friends are.

Abusive relationships can be family, friends, boyfriend or girlfriend and anyone else who causes you unfair pain. At a deeper level it can also be a company or business. It's very important to make sure to answer as many questions from the person you are about to end the relationships with. At the same time you should try to ask questions so you can find closure.

Remember to Report the abuse to people who can help you and others.

Abusive lifestyles

An abusive life style is similar to an infected finger. If you let the infection continue living on that finger, the infection will eventually spread throughout the entire hand. Well, You can either cut off your finger or you can find a way to "heal" your finger properly and solve the problem completely and avoid severe consequences. If not the finger is not healed in time it can infect the rest of your body. By healing the infection (as soon as possible) You can save your entire arm. The same goes for abusive situations or relationships (family, friends, whoever or anything). Heal the relationship and then work with it or let it go if you really don't want that individual in your life (if they're like a bad infection).

Symptoms of abuse

The psychological damage caused by abuse can get so complicated that it will likely lead to lots of confusion and delusions that can stay with you for quiet a while and cause havoc for months or years after the abuse. In fact, most abuse is life threatening so its best to start getting rid of it as soon as possible. You can prevent these problems by learning from your problem and investigating the "whys" that lead to your abuse. Eventually when your mind understands or can release the issue you will be freer. Then try to avoid getting into the same situation when ever you can.

Over coming abuse

Over coming abuse is a state of mind and a decision that goes with actions. You can only focus on what you "could’ve" changed for so long….eventually you must move on and just try to insure that you don’t get into a bad situation again. If the abuse started at a very young age, realize that you had no control over the situation. Then simple try to accept the fact that the past cant change and all you can really do is learn from the situation. 

When over coming abuse its best to try to remember absolutely everything that happened in your past that may have been considered abuse. Make sure to recall everything that may have caused you pain, frustration, or confusion…because it was most likely to be abuse. Try to learn all you can from these situations and then release them as part of your past (out loud or to in your head). Know that the past cant be changed and that the future is open to new opportunities. A new life style must begin where crazy people aren’t aloud in your life. You avoid all the places where abuse, trouble or problems may come from. It’s not as difficult as many make it to be. Its all about change and a new beginning.


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