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Understanding Abusers or how to understand Abusived people's behavior

    Most abusive people are control freaks. They’re usually following an 'abuse cycle' even if they're not aware of it.
In this page you will learn why abusers abuse, why cruel people do what they do and a lot more about emotions. An abuse cycle means that someone abused them so they learned to communicate through abuse. 
Something very important to know is that Some Cultures or Countries actually teach people to be abusive. Some schools and colleges actually tell their Business students to be abusive and that needs to be changed. How? They have to be forced to be nice .... exactly how... Be creative! =o). And do your best to stay cool and avoid feeling fear because fear is a weakness that NO ONE in their RIGHT MIND Should ever feel. 


The abuse happened at some point in their life (it could've happened anywhere from childhood to now)  and even if they don't remember it may still affect them. For that reason, they learn to communicate through abuse. Other abusers are just inconsiderate people who really only care about themselves and don’t give a damn about how you feel or ever will feel. When you learn how to understand the abusive behavior and the way abusers work and think you can avoid them or help them out (leaving abusers isn't always a great idea because some times they get crazy). Well, there is no good reason to accept abusers out of pity if they're going to mess up your life or turn you into an abusive person. By understanding abusers and helping them see the abusive behavior or actions they're doing, you can help them become happier people and maybe even live with them. By Clearly Communicating you can fix problems without risking getting hurt. But keep in mind that by accepting abuse you’re explaining to the abuser that they're doing the right thing and that you like them for what they do. This is obviously wrong and only leads to trouble.

Unaware Abusers or abusive people

Many times, abusive people are not aware of the fact that they are an abuser or they are not aware that they are abusing others. An abuser is usually trying to re-live their past with present relationships so they put other people in your shoes and try to do try to learn how to deal with abuse by creating it or reliving it. But in this reenactment they’ll have full control and dominate the other person. Sure it might feel good but its not right (like many things in life). Its sort of natural to try to over come your problems somehow …but not by messing up someone else’s life in the process. Sometimes an abuser is blind to his/her actions. But that’s not an excuse either. They can't see how wrong they are.  They can loose awareness and don't take into consideration the pain their causing others! Someone must tell them. It’s quite childish because in their subconscious mind … they’re probably reenacting a bad childhood situation but know they act unconsciously and assume without reason. Well, the point is that these people need help or assistance from someone who can help them and understand what & why they do what they do. Abusive behavior isn't always just being mad even though most of the time it is. But Once an abuser starts to gains a greater understanding of themselves they will start seeing and living life in a clearer way.

The human mind try’s to resolve any and all challenges that it’s every been though in its never ending state of evolutions…this includes emotional problems.

Are abusers punishing society?

This is just a theory but some people say that some abusers can just be lashing out at the society that has failed them. The lies, confusion, and disorder leads to anger that is eventually expressed through violence.

How to stop being abusive

Here are a new things you can do to stop being abusive or share with someone who is abusive or just might be.

1. Know that you can’t solve a problem by causing someone else problems because it only leads to a more problem filled world.

2. You can reenact past abusive situations in your head (imagination) and say what you really wanted to say and do what you really wanted to do when you felt abused. This will start part of the healing process. Make sure to learn what ever you can from it.

3. Realize the past can never change and that all you can really change is your Future and present.

4. When someone tells you that they feel hurt by you…ask why and listen. Then do your best not to do what ever hurt them (unless they absolutely deserve it & others agree they do).

5. Always avoid people who make you mad or annoy you. Sometimes abusers do things that will make you make you mad (even though they are not conscious of it) on purpose. They do this  because they have their own unsolved "issues". Its best to stay away from those people because they’ll mess up your life (they may be abusing you somehow and that's why you're so pissed off). It's best to live your life away from people who you get mad around.

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