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Understanding abuse and healing abusive relationships or family

Abuse is causing unfair harm, pain, trouble or difficulties in someone's life. It can also be Denying rights, Power trips, neglect, or taking others for granted. Neglect of children or of friends and loved ones is abuse even though most people forget that one. 
Abuse is always wrong. When people attack innocent people it is always wrong and abusers should always be punished at all costs before horrible things happen. The best way to prevent abuse is by knowing what it is and how to stop it. This page has some of the information.


Anyway, Even if abuse occurred many years in your past or childhood it must be resolved because it can cause many difficulties in your present. Many times being are just being inconsiderate but they're carelessness is a form of cruelty, extreme selfishness, and heartless abuse. Violent words can be just as painful as physical violence in a different way. Abuse is always unfair, unjust and wrong. Abuse can lead to depression, confusion, shyness, fear, fears, phobias, and other problems until you are healed or heal yourself. Its like a bad seed that was planted in your head that must be understood and thrown away to insure that nothing could possible grow from it.

About abusers, Ending abuse

Abuse is Not Punishment, fair treatment, Consequences or S & M

Punishment is  sometimes confused with  abuse even though it is not. Most of the time, pain comes as punishment or consequences and not abuse. As for S & M, many people consider peoples personal choices abuse even though they are just sharing a different experience. If somebody consents to do something that is legal they should be able to do it without being harassed.

A few different forms of abuse are bellow

Abuse is something that most people ignore due to the fact that it brings up pain, error or discomfort but of course, it's better to deal with the problems instead of simply pretending that they never happened. At times abuse can be very subtle (calling someone names or a few "shut ups") or it can be something that is much more harsh and loud (hitting or constant verbal attacks) but either forms can have devastating effect on someone's self-esteem or ability to deal with life.

There are my different ways to abuse someone or something. They are all wrong.  But when abuse does happen it does cause a great deal of pain in the person being abused. Many people like to say "words don't hurt" but they are physical sound ways and they're meaning does effect the mind. Other people think that playing certain controlling and manipulating games aren't abuse but they are. Being fair and considerate is the only way to avoid abusing other people.

Most abuse is a combination of more then one of the following types:

insults, ridicule, condescending speech, teasing, threats (unwarranted), slander, excessive verbal interruptions, screaming, antagonizing, gossip, "name calling", screams, etc.

manipulation, neglect, misleading, unfair force, lies, controlling, extreme possessiveness or jealousy, not allowing communication, deceit, creating confusion, etc.

hitting, throwing stuff, biting squeezing or pulling (too hard), spitting, blowing smoke, punching, slapping, pinching, etc.

denial, cutting, causing pain, degradation, put downs, anorexia, over or under eating, laziness, manipulating other into hurting you, etc.

theft, greedy gold diggers, not paying bills on time, not paying "interests", slander, damage or destruction of property, etc.

OTHER: There are other forms of abuse and they happen when there is unfair treatment.

More regarding Abuse

Many times abuse leads to medical problems or diseases that one gets do to the stress on the human body and brain and people have no idea that it happened because of the emotional or physical pain they received from an abusive person. Sometimes it can even lead to certain personality problems or someone can loose their ability to communicate with others correctly since they are use to communicating through abuse. Some personality disorders can develop. In the next few pages I will explain the different forms of abuse and how to deal with problems.

The links bellow will help you understand more about abuse.

About abusers, Ending abuse


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