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Astral projection, projecting, and time travel to spiritual places or locations

Astral projection is the act of using your spirit or astral body to travel in a different dimension of existence, dimensions and spiritual places. Through astral projecting, you can travel anywhere on earth using a different body. 
Astral projection can be a good thing to do as long as You are a good person or plan on becoming a good person. Just pray to good spirits and God that your trip will be truly blessed. And Have Good intentions while traveling.


You can either use your astral body or your spirit to travel (your soul remains in your physical body). You can fly, levitate or just move at the speed of spirit thought (spirits travel faster then light). Spirits travel at the speed of spirit thought. You can actually use your spirit to travel anywhere in the universe if you know how to. Of course you must first understand the rules that apply to the different places you're traveling to. And it's best too be "good" so you can be safe and not attract bad places or spirits. By the way, You can also start traveling through time but you have to be careful and a bit on the advanced side. Time travel is a reality but a bit complicated. Just know that The future is open to new possibilities, Nothing is meant to be it's just that God knows everything and sometimes shows it to us. Traveling into the past is also possible (its like back to the future but real).

To astral project safely you must also pray to good energies, spirits, guardian angels or God so you will be protected and steer away from potential bad things or evil. Just like places on earth, you can't just go anywhere you want. There are places where bad people hang out and places where good people live. Well, many times you can travel to good or bad places but  there will be consequences to your choices and actions (in the same way that there are different consequences in this third dimension.

The psychic body area of astral projection is the spirit or astral body.

The spirit or astral body is used to travel through astral planes or different dimensions. Your astral body is always connected to your physical body and soul via the "silver cord" located around your stomach. This keeps you alive. 

More about astral projecting

Astral projecting to different dimensions is also possible but can get confusing. You should never travel with fear but you should always travel with some sense of caution. If you travel with fear, you will become weak and become vulnerable to attacks or bad things. Being good is also important. Avoid anything that is considered rude, arrogant or selfish. Read other parts of my site to understand what good is. Just like on earth, some energies are good and some are bad. When astral projecting I strongly advise ask for guidance from good spirits (your guardian angel, love spirits, and good spirits. You can also use your spirit to travel anywhere from the "astral planes" or others different levels in our universe. If you want to astral project you must be determined and have a great concentration.

Astral projection Rules

There are rules we all must abide by in other dimensions. Its not a free for all. There are consequences to our actions. There is a wrong and right even in other places. Sometimes, it's easy to confuse a dream with astral projection but you know the difference when you have a greater understanding of dreams. To study understand the difference between waking up in a dream and astralprojecting I advise you to read the dream section on my site and practice that for a while and when you understand and experienced that... then try astral projection. You can also study the other psychic abilities in this section to get a clearer understanding of all the psychic energies that exist in other realms.

Learning how to astral project

The astral planes and realms where the spirit travel through are real. You need to travel with good thoughts and good intentions so those kind of energies surround you. Being in a different dimension is much like walking into a country you've never been in. So try to study books or people know about astral projection before trying it yourself just like you would a new country. There are different laws and rules there.

1. Focus on remembering your regular dreams while you are about to go to sleep. As soon as you wake up in the morning you need to remember as much about your dreams as you possible can.

2. Write down your dreams to remind yourself that you are very interested in remembering about your sleeping experiences. This will assist your memory because you only remember things that are important to your everyday life.

3. Create a mantra and say it out loud so that you and energies around you can hear/know it is a part of you. Example :  I will remember my dreams... I want to astral project safely and with good energy. The word 'GOOD' is very important and positive. Use 'good', 'true love', healing and other positive words you can think of for protection. 

4.  Remind your soul, physical body and spirit that you want astral project and remember. Everyone has a guardian angel unless you're completely evil. Evil is living a life that is constantly trying to destroy all that is good....and very few people are so %99 percent of people have guardian angels. Anyway, you're guardian angel can protect you too.

5. Think of what you want to do or experience in the astral plane. You can view the third dimension and everything on earth in a different realm. You can also travel faster then light there. You travel through mind and spirit energy which is faster then light. Your mind is not your brain. Your mind is the individual that keeps brain, body, soul and spirit aware.

6.  When you astral project remember to think good thoughts and try to think of things that will help you become a more evolved person. Goofing around attract bad energy. But it's all about what you think.

7. Read books about astral projection if this isn't enough.

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