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Learn about Basic Astrology signs and their Description/meanings

(updated for 2007 NEW Pictures & information. See Why & How Astrology work)

Astrology Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

On this Page You will learn the basics about all the astrology signs. Very simple and informative. You will also learn some interesting and New information about each Astrology signs. Did You ever wonder How Astrology works? Well You'll learn and understand here.
You will Learn the Following about each sign:
Element - Universal element connected to the sign.
Days of the Sign - The month and days Each sign is in.
Symbolic Number or day - According to Universal Tarot. 
Planet - The Planet that Rules over the sign and effects it.
Body area - The Special Body Area of Signs (Every sign has a body part)
Special Colors - The Color of the Sign may be your favorite color.
Description and More.
* Year 2007 updates:
All this information is still accurate. The only difference is that some Astronomers claim that Pluto is Not a planet But most Real Astrologers still know that Pluto is a planet and it still effects Scorpio.

This is why and How Astrology Work?
Astrology works with the Energy of Constellations in Outer Space! How? The Light from the Astrology Sign (constellation) fly's though outer space then it Hits the Sun and then mixes with Sun Light and finally hits Planet Earth! So if You were born when the Sun was in between the Constellation/Sign of Pisces and Planet Earth  ... That Means Your Astrology Sign is Pisces (that is Your SUN SIGN). 


Aries astrology sign
Aries 3-21/ 4-20. Element: FIRE. Day: #4. Planet: MARS. Body area : head, face, jaw. Colors: all shades of red

aggressive, very energetic, independent, desire to be 1st and lead, very competitive, adventurous, direct, assertive, very active and freedom loving, physical and emotional.

temperamental, rude, selfish, egotistical, arrogant, callous, self-centered, argumentative and insensitive. 

Taurus astrology sign
4-21/ 5-22. Element: EARTH #5. Planet: VENUS. Body area: ears, neck, throat. Colors: brown

Patient, practical, desire to save money, economical, persevering, reliable, hard working, dedicated, Conservative, responsible, like to collect and moral.

Stubborn, very jealous and possessive, too preachy, greedy, materialistic and selfish.

Gemini astrology sign
5-21/ 6-22. Element: AIR. Day: #6. MERCURY. Body areas: hands, arms, shoulders. Colors: green, yellow

Very communicative talkative and social, playful, speedy, adventurous, very curious, logical , very active, energetic, resourceful, analytical and freedom-loving.

Superficial, gossipy, too nervous, scattered, detached, deceptive, cold and careless.

Cancer astrology sign
6-22/ 7-23. Element: WATER. Day: #7. Planets: MOON. Body areas: stomach, chest. Colors: whites, blue , pale

Very emotional, sensitive and feeling, cautious, home-body, nurturing, mothering, caring, intuitive, humble, a dreamer.    good imagination and memory, considerate & sympathetic.

Moody, shy, too sensitive, isolated, dependent, too dreaming, depressive and possessive.

Leo astrology sign
7-22/ 8-23. Element: FIRE. Planet: The Sun. Day: #19. Body area: spine, back, heart. Colors: gold, orchard,

Assertive, confident, social, expressive, leader, courageous, competitive, creative, emotional, adventurous, determined, dedicated, energetic, persevering and adaptable.

Arrogant, egotistical, bossy, temperamental, very jealous and possessive, extravagant and insensitive.

Virgo astrology sign
8-22/ 9-23. Element. EARTH. Day #9. Planet: MERCURY. Body area: stomach, belly. Colors: silver, violet

Perfectionist, neat, careful, helpful, cautious, very analytical critical and logical, orderly, patient, Hard working, organized, sensitive, caring, resourceful and inquisitive.

Too critical and sensitive, insecure, shy, over worked, too nervous, isolated and paranoid.

Libra astrology sign
7. Libra
9-22/ 10-23. Element: AIR. Day #11. Planet: VENUS. Body area: lumber spine, skin. Colors:  pink

Very social, adaptable, Artistic, persuasive, talkative, calm, sympathetic, friendly, creative, considerate, desire to create harmony, peaceful, fun loving, balanced and comforting.

Indecisive, superficial, too passive, fearful,  socially dependent, detached, manipulating and careless.

Scorpio astrology sign
10-22/ 11-22. Element: WATER. Day #13. Planet: PLUTO. Body area: nose, blood, genitals. Colors: black, dark reds

Detecting, alert, very cautious, mysterious, intuitive, determined,  fair, responsible, dedicated, very curious, Investigator,  very emotional & sensitive, persevering and deep.

Very jealous, vengeful, secretive, suspicious, very obsessive, possessive, cold and too horny.

Sagittarius astrology sign
11-21/ 12-21. Element: FIRE. Day #14. Planet: JUPITER. Body areas: thighs, hips, muscles. Colors: denim

Independent, optimistic,  freedom-loving, very adventurous, loves to travel, energetic, comical, Good perception, confident, direct, competitive, exiting, bold and very curious.

Too blunt, wasteful, lazy, obsessive gambler, careless, reckless, inconsiderate and insensitive.

Capricorn astrology sign
10. Capricorn
12-21/ 1-20. Element: EARTH. Day #15. Planet: SATURN. Body areas: knees, bones. Colors: all browns

Determined, very cautions & careful, hard working, critical, calculating, responsible, fair, economical, Serious, persevering, dedicated, committed, reliable and down to earth.

Insecure ,too serious, very jealous, possessive, shy, materialistic, vain, cold and greedy.

Aquarius astrology sign
1-20/ 2-19. Element: AIR. Day #17. Planet: URANUS. Body areas: ankles, lower legs. Colors:  neon, electric

Friendly, very inquisitive, unconventional, unique, independent, freedom loving, adventurous,  Very active & Energetic, good perception, exiting and intuitive.

Too rebellious, scattered, careless, erratic, out of control, high-strung and  wild.

Pisces astrology sign
2-19/ 3-20. Element: WATER. Day #18. Planet: NEPTUNE. Body areas: feet, toes, body liquids. Colors: blue, aquamarine

Very sensitive emotional and feeling, compassionate, intuitive, spiritual, adaptable, kind, helpful, sympathetic, very imaginative, artistic, creative, comforting and dreamer.

Moody, shy, depressive, very dependent, too passive, confused and delusional.

This is what The Astrological Signs look like in 
outer Space (they are Star Constellations)

Signs in Space

The Science behind Astrology
The Planets    The Elements

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