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How to attract men and keep a good man in your life

Before attracting men you need to know what kind of man you want to attract. It might seem easy but you should have that in mind when trying to find a man to spend time with. 
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To attract men, You need to know what kind of man you want to attract and then dress in a way you are most likely to attract that kind of person. And You should also go to locations where you are likely to meet that kind of man. By the way, You should all do Your best to be good people and once You are a good person You will find a good man if that's what you want.


Or you can learn to love a new man for whoever he is (as long as you're both happy).
When looking for someone or waiting for someone to approach you (you can approach men too), you should know where to go.
Compatibility is essential so you'll need to go to a place where the type of men you're looking for hang out. Example: If you're looking for a muscular man go to a gym. Looking for a intelligent man go to a book store or other places where you can find someone who is interested in the same things you like doing.

Attracting sane men

In this section I will go into the ways you attract good men because good men are safer to be around even though most woman are usually subconsciously attracted to bad boys. It's natural to be attracted to bad boys but it's not really the safest relationship to be in. To start off, don't wear to much make-up because it makes you look fake or misleading. Too much make-up may give you a clown appearance plus its not healthy for your skin and bad health is not attractive. Being natural is the healthiest thing to do and good health is attractive. Wearing make-up will eventually make you feel unattractive when you don't have it on (in the same way that some people don't feel lucky when they are not carrying their lucky charm). Make-up is only a decoration not a necessity. Anyway, You should be honest with men because lying usually leads to anger and inner frustrations which can erupt later in the relationship. Don't set relationship on lies since that will only make lies a part of the relationship and that's never good. Honesty is essential when it comes to setting a trust level between 2 people.

About white lies - At times "white" lies are okay but only when used as self-defense or protection from possible violence or psychos. When a lie is told in self-defense it is not a lie it's self-defense. Real lies are always wrong but self defense 'lies' are not lies.

About "Good Looks"

Most good men understand that looks are not important when it comes to relationships but most men consider "good looks" important since they don't know any better or because they want to show someone off, they want to feel special or just to have a social advantage. On the other hand, men who want to be with someone "just for looks" are likely to treat women like trophies or property. Looks do matter to a certain degree (you can tell if someone is healthy or how they want to come across with what they wear and the truth is ... people who Look better are likely to make more money). But if you care about someone, looks really aren't that important. remember, when superficiality reaches the point that everything comes after "Looks" there is serious mental problems or obsession. Just because someone doesn't look like someone on American TV or movies doesn't mean that they are not human and avoiding people who aren't really cute is just non sense because they can be truly loving and make you happy in a way that no one else can (no matter how they look). By the way, many different cultures, countries and societies have different opinions as to what is beautiful or attractive.  Its all about society sometimes.

Don't focus on physical appearance, you can meet a wonderful new friend or loved one who doesn't look like most people on TV and don't go by what others think. You can find true happiness with anyone if you really try. bragging to friends isn't as fulfilling as being in true love.

How to show attraction

As for making others feel that you're attracted to them, Its always a good idea to be affectionate but not obsessive. Affection is always a good thing unless it turns into possessiveness. Being overly affectionate can be intimidating if you've just met someone of course. Gentle flirting is also a good way to attract a decent man. Try to tell men what you want but be careful not to divulge too much information to a potential manipulator or someone who may only want to use you and use the information you tell them to "get to you". Oh, this is important...feel free to approach men if you want to increase your odds of finding a nice man. Most aggressive perverts have the art of approaching women and manipulating them figured out. Sometimes its nice and different to be approached by some sweet lady who isn't too aggressive. Sure, men will be men but they don't Always have to chase women. Its just not civilized now in days. Well, life can be interesting when people do something a little different and surprising.


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