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How to attract women and keep a good woman in your life

Women are naturally receptive so they will at least try to listen to you ... sometimes. Keep in mid that there is no reason to keep chasing someone who doesn't really like you. Trying a few times isn't too bad (it's usually encouraged). 
* updates:
The vast majority of women are attracted to Men who come across as Strong, Confident and Aggressive but Not too mean. If they are a little crazy they will be attracted to Bad Boys because they want to fix them but that doesn't mean most men need to act crazy to find a sane woman, Just be yourself and act Strong and aggressive when ever you can even if you're not. And treat women with respect but don't let women Rob You because many moms tell their daughters to find a rich man and have them take care of them and that's just wrong. Anyway good luck.

You don't want to get involved with someone who you don't get along with since it only leads to trouble. Most women find confidence and stability irresistible when it comes to men. Women may claim to be very civilized but the vast majority fall back to their animal instinct  by being attracted to tough guys even if they claim to want a very nice guy. It's part of a woman's animal instinct that makes her want a strong man. A strong/tough guy is more likely to protect her and children (even if she doesn't have any yet). Women want the type of man who will protect her from "dangers" and so on but through actions not just words. Humans are animals too...most women don't want to believe or accept that reality. Don't try to convince them because they'll call you crazy or stop liking you for being too honest. I have more info on my "Women" link on the menu.

Another way to attract women is through kindness and honesty but don't go over board because you'll come across as weak and they'll find you unattractive. Remember, Show you are strong and confident. But if you just want to attract the kind of woman you want to spend the rest of your life with ... Be yourself.

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