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Learn how to do Magic, Magical Powers and become good magician

To Learn magic You must know it's true spiritual definition. True Magic is the ability to work with and communicate with different kinds of Living Energy. 

Real Magic isn't always witchcraft but most people who work with it on a regular basis consider themselves Wiccan or individuals who practice Wicca. 

Magical powers come through clear and honest communication with different energy. Common magic would be working with the energy that lives with us (earth energy). People can use this energy for many different purposes. I do Not recommend working with bad energies or evil forces because that is obviously going to create problems SO simply ask for help from Good Spirits and God so you can be protected while you communicate with spirits or Energies.
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When You communicate with energy and create so called Magic you are just moving into a spiritual community that many individuals work with on a regular basis (sometimes consciously or unconsciously but they are usually not aware of it).
Remember to work with Good Intentions and Good Energies for Best results. Ask for the Protection of Good God and Good Spirits.


Everything earth can do you can do. By finding a purpose and focusing "your" mental and spiritual energy, many things that you thought were impossible will be possible.

Learning magic and becoming a magician or real witch

Real magic happens when people focus and consider themselves equals to earth or any other energy they work with. There is an amazing amount of energy that everyone can access if they are willing to communicate with it. To be a magician you must be willing to touch and communicate with "earth" (dirt, mud, etc), water (water, liquids, etc), fire (flames, natural fire, etc), wind (breezes, blowing, etc) and spirit (praying to spirits, guardian angels, etc). Then meditate with these energies. Learn to love them and be one with them if they were your parents, children, or loved one. That is usually the best way.

To become a real magician you must first become a friend of earth, fire, wind, water and spirit. Then you can have greater access to the energies that will create "magic" (energy that you can work with).  Your friendship with energy must be true, not hypocritical and friendly. A constant friendship must continue. This means being earth friendly, a tree hugger or an activist (when ever you can). These things must happen when trying to work with the energy or the earth. True magicians have a deep bond with all living things and energies that they work with. The same goes with working with other energies that you might want to communicate with. You must have a relationship and clearly communicate with that energy or energies to work with them. Then find a goal and try to accomplish it.

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