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Creating a Mantra to help you achieve any Goal

  A Mantra is a life style you start living to achieve a goal. A mantra a personal ritual. It can either be exerciser or actions that you create to attain something you want. They actions could either be verbal, physical, mental or even spiritual. Most people consider mantras a verbal thing. Most verbal mantras consist of repeating your goal and what you will do to attain your goal over and over again. 
* Year 2007 updates:
Here's something I just thought of ... 
I want success .... I will work for success and be good so my life will be Blessed. I will avoid stress ... and always do do my best. 


This reminds your brain that your action is important and something you want done. A physical mantra would be moving your repeating a physical activity over and ove3r again until it becomes a habit. Spiritual mantras would be constant prayer for something. Mental mantras are a change of thinking. It's best to make your mantra a combination of those 4 elements to gain your goals. You can use it for anything including, personal goals, change of life style, start a new transformation in your life or enhancing your psychic abilities.

Mantra tips

By the way, remember that it's best to come up with your own mantra because its more personal and you're mind will actually care more since you created it. Just make sure to add the words like "Love", "Good" and "true" so your words connect to the important parts of your mind, soul and spirit.

Example of a verbal mantra

Here is a good example of things to say out loud:

I want to open my mind, body, sprit and soul  to become  ______ and understand why.
I want to connect to good love so I can gain my goal of _______ with harmony and peace.
I want to achieve my goal of ______ .
I will try my best to listen to my true self.
I want to open my mind's eye (the mind's eye is symbolic of complete awareness) to my good guardian angel and his/her guidance.
I want my true self to guide me in a good direction. Well, that's a basic sample. You can come up with your own. 

Take care.

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