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Obsessions, obsession and being obsessed

Here we'll discuss good and bad obsessions. A bad obsession is the constant focus of energy on something to the point that the obsession causes harmful consequences in your life. A good obsession would be focusing on solving a problem or focusing on something good. They are both bad when they are to an extreme but can be fun experiences when they are done in moderation.
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Obsessions are usually fun as long as You can end them when you're done enjoying them. I personally know that obsessions can be really amazing feelings but eventually they have to end if they get out of control. How ... by giving yourself a reality check.


Obsessions can be a very annoying waste of time depending on what your obsessing about. Some obsessions are fun but only if you have control of them to some degree.

Obsessive feeling or being obsessed with a man or woman?

Being obsessed with people usually means that you are confused or insecure. Most people who get obsessed in a relationship consider their obsession their property or object. People are obviously not property, trophies or objects. Obsessing on people is obviously wrong but most people aren't even aware of what they are actually thinking. People confuse the difference between love, lust and desire. All those feelings are good and natural but only if there's some sort of control over your feelings. Most people can't tell the difference but should try to find it.

Being obsessed with someone famous

Being obsessed with someone famous usually stems from feeling insecure about who you are and wishing to be someone else (the person obsessed usually want to be the famous person or be like that person). This can also be a good thing if you don't have any good influences or role models in your life but taking things to the point that you become someone else. As long as you don't stop being yourself completely you could be okay. Obsessing excessively can be very detrimental to you health.

Different types of obsessions

Some unhealthy obsessions would be on lying, constant shopping, gambling, people, sax, celebrities, drugs or anything that causes harm. These obsessions can get you into big trouble. Some other good obsessions would be on good work, saving money, education, learning, being helpful and anything else that makes life healthier.

Most obsessions come up when someone is trying to fill a sense of emptiness in their life. Some people get obsessed when they’ve lost something in their past or present so they obsess on something that reminds them of the lost person or thing. It usually stems from not being able to accept loss or not understanding that many things in life can’t be forever. Obsessions can stem from many things that most people aren't really aware of.

Obsession and possessiveness

Many times people get confused and think of they're friends or loved ones as their possessions so they become very possessive. Being possessive leads to being obsessive. Some obsessions can come from something that effected someone so much that they become passionate about that object or anything that reminds them of that object. Other obsessions can come from something as simple as idolizing something or someone. But anyway, the passion to fulfill their obsession can be reduced or lost when people get "closure". Closure is understanding, acceptance and a sense of completion with anything that you’ve been through. It also means moving on with your life.

Well, many obsessions could be fun and worth pursuing so just make sure that they don’t mess up your life or harm other people in the process. If you feel its time to let go … its up to you. You can also find out if your obsession could possible be an addiction.

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