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Reincarnation, afterlife, evolving energy and reincarnating

Reincarnation is the evolution of energy or living beings. Science has proven that energy never dies, it only changes form, moves or relocates. Science has also proven that everything "evolves" into something better. 
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What Goes around Comes around (when it comes back it moves differently because it learns). Millions of people base their life on the fact that reincarnation is real. Like the Country of India where most people know it's real. There is plenty of Room for Heaven and Hell in reincarnation because there are No Watches or Clocks in other Dimension. Have you ever seen Jesus or other Spiritual leaders from thousands of years ago wearing a watch? No because 1 second in the after life can be anywhere from 1 hour to 100,000 thousand days in Earth time or 3 dimensional time. It's a little thing to think about when saying that you can't have bother because everyone can have both.

That could mean that even our human energy will evolve into something better ( a more evolved human in a new life) as well as transforming. Energy has intelligence... it obviously was intelligent enough to survive and evolve so why would reincarnation be impossible?

Reincarnation in different dimensions

People might even be reborn in different dimensions as a spirit, angel or other form of life. Guardian Angels can assist you during reincarnation as well as many other times. Reincarnation could even land someone in a different planet in the universe. The probability that there is life in a different planet in the a universe with zillions of stars (suns) seems pretty high to me.

Reincarnation philosophies

There are many countries and cultures that believe in reincarnation. Every culture has there own reasons. Here are a few reasons: people claim to remember past lives, religious ideas, probability theories and others. Energy has enough intelligence to reproduce and keep itself alive...why couldn't it continue in human existence through reincarnation to keep the human energy evolving and becoming better human beings? It probably does. Billions of people in different cultures have studied life after death generation after generation. Life after death is a different form of reincarnation. But transforming to some non-physical energy that lives. I don't ignore the fact that many cultures have ways to experience different levels of life or dimensions.


How to discovering your past lives

Reincarnation also carries carries physical traits. In the same way that you have physical traits, personality traits, and you have family genes... you will also share similarities with people you meet in this life that you also knew in past lives. They can be birthdays, numbers, life styles or other important "coincidences" which are probably reincarnation trails. There are also 'birthdays' and astrology signs that may be shared by friends and friends of your friends that indicate strange coincidences that are actually signs that you they are connected to you. Other signs are similar names (or meaning of names) and similar life experiences. Simply study some of your friends or loved one's past and yours. Find out the name and birthday of their friends and see if they are similar to yours. You might eventually get enough clues that lead to a past life trail and then meditate with dreams and it might come to you.

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