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Shyness and free advice about how to stop being too shy

Being shy could be a cute personality trait but it can also be a problem if its over whelming. If Shyness is so strong that it keeps people from communicating clearly people should change. Shy individuals can slowly but surely by doing things that make them more assertive or confident. When shyness is out of control and detrimental to your social well being  it's time to find ways to over come it. Being shy can make you seem weak or easy. Giving others that impression can have a many consequences. 
* Year 2007 updates:
Shyness is nice but shyness can stop you from doing all the things You want to, "that's a quote from a song called "Shyness" from a band called called "The Smiths". You should listen to it. It's great.


At times shyness can cause blushing which can also be a little embarrassing. If you feel embarrassed often, you might be shy and not know it. If you are so timid that people walk over you there is a major problem and that might put your life in danger.

Shyness and being passive

Being shy usually comes with being passive or being indecisive. If you are passive, your shyness will allow others to take advantage of you for being so bashful. Passiveness and indecision will only lead to a life of discomfort. If your shyness gets to the point that you start sweating for the slightest things or you wet yourself (your shirt with all the sweat) you should start doing something about it.

Positives and negatives about being shy

Shy people usually don't get paid as much because they don't speak up. Well, there are a few advantages of being shy: It's easier to get along with others, most shy people avoid fights or arguments, shy people are calming to others, being humble is a good thing and many other things. The disadvantages of being shy are: people taking you for granted, insecurity, being ignored, indecision and other things that come when people aren't heard or understood.

Shy personalities

If you have a shy personality there's no need to force yourself to be someone you're not but if it's interfering with your well being or success you can find ways to change things. First of all make sure to express your feelings and thoughts clearly to others. There's no good reason to fear being yourself. Talk to complete strangers a few times a week and practice being social even if you're fluttered at first. Eventually you'll come out of your shell.

Things that cause Shyness:

fear, indecision, insecurity, being a loner, lack of self confidence, depression, being alone, being too unsocial, constant indecisiveness, being a coward, psychological problems, it can also just be a personality trait or fear.

How to over come shyness

1. Make it a point to express what you feel or think at least once a day with friends or family even though you're shy, your shyness won't bite. Try to do the same with a complete stranger 1 a week. 

2. When looking at mirrors make to compliment yourself out loud or in your head. Say things you would tell someone you love or deeply care about.

3. Understand that you can only be yourself. Know what you want and try to make up your mind quicker but stay very precautious. Its always best to be safe then sorry.  

Shyness can be something that you have complete control over if you know how to take care of yourself and find courage in the truth. See the links bellow for further advice.

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