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Free advice on how to quit smoking cigarettes and other bad habits

The easy and fast way to quit smoking is by slowly reducing the amount of cigarettes you smoke on a weekly or daily basis. When people try to stop cigarette use all at once, they give up because they know they have a very strong desire or addiction to smoking. 
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Smoking destroys lungs and causes all kinds of deceases. IF you don't know or believe me just compare these lungs... one belongs to a non-smoker and the other to a Smoker. Quit ALREADY or at least limit your self to less then 5 cigarettes or less a week then per month.

These smokers lungs. One is healthy the other unhealthy These are the dangers of smoking
These smokers lungs. One is healthy the other unhealthy.
These are the dangers of smoking

Do you want healthy lungs that can breath or BLACK lungs that are covered with BLACK GUNK that will BLOCK Oxygen and cause all kinds of horrible deceases?? It's your choice. Self control or sickness followed by death. Or you can live a healthier life if you limit your smoking to 5 or less cigarettes per week or better yet Quit.

It really seems like they need the cigarettes at least once in a while. In fact, if you want to smoke once a week or just light up on some rare but special occasions ... there's nothing too wrong with that. The major problem is poisoning people with second hand smoke or your self with excessive smoke.

You can use second hand smoke as inspiration to stop smoking or limit the smoke too. Keep in mind that your second hand smoke can be making your friends, loved ones, children or others sick. I grew up in a family of cigarette smokers and I  noticed that family members and friends who grew up in a house hold with smokers either have asthma, breathing problems or other breath related illnesses & sicknesses. This is very bad and a true personal experience. I'm not the only one.

Things you can do instead of smoking a cigarette (you should think of some, too):

  • Chew bubble gum (or snack on healthy food. Many people who quit smoking are addicts and look for a new addiction like food, stuff or bad things so be careful).

  • Write notes or talk with others.

  • Listen to a portable walkman (if you don't like music, listen to AM talk stations).

  • Find a new hobby (writing, talking, creating abstract art, clean your house, etc).

Here's a Plan to Stop Smoking!
Lets say you smoke 20 cigarettes a day.

1st. Slowly reduce the amount of cigarettes you smoke everyday. For example, lets say you smoke 20 cigarettes a day. Start to smoke 15 or 10 per day (ONLY) within 1 week from today. Stick to the new amount no matter what. Do that for 1 or 2 weeks just to make sure your body gets use to it.

2nd. Within 2 weeks reduce yourself to 7 or 5 per day. And continue to stick by that amount. Do the things above if you feel like smoking.

3rd. Continue reducing the amount of cigarettes you smoke until you get to less then 5 cigarettes per week. You don't have to quit completely! Cigarettes are Not evil demons (they are there to be enjoyed away from children or anyone else who doesn't want to poisoned with second hand smoke). If you want to smoke once in a while it's really not a big deal. All these psychos who claim that cigarettes should be illegal are much like the religious maniacs who spend more time praying then working or actually helping others.

4th. Just don't smoke around kids or others. Second hand smoke is a serious health treat just like people should not sniff glue or other fumes. If you want to quit one day or just smoke once in a while, on special occasions or twice a week ... feel free to do so. But only if you want. If you stop smoking, You will save your money and live a more healthy life.

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