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Telekinesis and how to become a Telekinetic psychic

Telekinesis is the psychic ability that involves the ability to move objects, living beings, things and energies with your mind or spirit. Telekinesis comes when someone achieves a deep understanding of how energy and the universe works. When that information is obtained telekinetic abilities blossom. 
* updates:
Scientist are getting closer and closer to true telekinetic powers by designing artificial body limbs that respond to people's thoughts to some degree (they actually pick=up the invisible electrical impulses that are sent through a cut off limb.
This is a way of proving that invisible energy is real and it needs to be rediscovered by most of humanity so we can all use the invisible energy around us to move objects with the energy out thoughts send out. But of course we should be good to live in harmony with planet earth which will give our energy some authority over other energy so it can be manipulated. Okay that may be a little confusing but you should keep that in mind if you have hopes of becoming telekinetic and move objects with your mind... the lovely act of telekinesis.


This means you can morph energy, transform it, change its molecular structure and use it as if was a part of you.

Why is telekinesis possible?

Telekinesis is possible because everything is part of each other and connected to each other in a deep way. Telekinesis has infinite possibilities when used properly and for the evolution of energy and the universe. When true telekinesis is used for wrong purposes, there will obviously be negative consequences. This may seem a bit crazy but many cultures believe in it. Most of the time telekinesis is a simple trick or entertaining game as you already know =o). Well, Someone who truly has telekinetic abilities has more important things to do then make money or go on jerry Springer.

Telekinetic energy is basic energy working in a different way. Remote controls for TV are possible and a science ... why shouldn't other forms of remote control (like telekinesis) be real? Well, they are. Telekinesis is one of the rarest psychic power because you must fully understand the universe to work with such a complex energy. Telekinesis is not control, it is communication and being one with the individual or object you are being at one with. You can sit somewhere for the rest of your life trying to achieve it but you won't do to the fact that it involves becoming One with the something. In fact, you need a Jesus Christ type of understanding to a achieve this ability. The psychic energy we call telekinesis is very difficult to obtain when there is no passion.

The psychic body are of telekinesis is located between the third eye & spirit

These body areas can only be activated by living a harmonious life. A oneness with the universe needs to take place. Understand that there is no superiority in the universe, there is only equality and difference.

How to become a telekinetic psychic

Telekinesis is a state of becoming one with something. Only those who understand, respect, and care about the nature of the universe can experience telekinesis.

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