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Telepathy and how to become a telepathic psychic

Telepathy is the ability to send and receive thoughts or information without any physical contact. You can also send or receive thought images such as memories, conscious or subconscious thoughts, or projected images. 
* Year 2007 updates:
Being able to communicate using thoughts is the most natural way to communicate even though many human being have forgotten  how to or have just ignored telepathic messages that are constantly being sent all day and night. 
People have to make a conscious effect to accept and translate important telepathic messages to solve problems. HOW HOW HOW is the question. Well, the answer is TO CARE more and Be more considerate. If you meditate and focus on wanting to read thoughts and NON verbal and NON Audible information eventually you will get those telepathic messages if You really want to. But some people just don't really want to.


Telepathy can also be communication with energy, spirits, living things and places. Through telepathy you receive the information but you can only translate the information correctly with intuition, consideration and caring about the psychic information you are receiving. 

Telepathy is basically the psychic ability to communicate with other energies. We all have this natural psychic ability to communicate with others but we stop using it for many different reasons. A few reasons people stop being aware of their telepathic abilities is because society makes them feel crazy, it becomes confusing, they forget they have it, they ignore it or they just stop caring about it.

Understanding telepathy

Understanding telepathic information takes more intuition then just listening, concentrating or thinking. Intuition is necessary to translate between conscious thoughts, subconscious thoughts and unconscious thoughts (when dealing with people). When it comes to clearer communication with other energy you need to understand things at a deeper level. Telepathy is best understood through a sense of "knowing". Deep down inside there is a inner translator that can assist you in finding out what people are really thinking. To clear up the line between you and your inner helper you must have a purpose and of course it's best to be a good person to get better reception.

Telepathy is natural

Telepathy is a natural form of communication that most people have ignored or forgotten how to do. I strongly believe that most animals communicate telepathically. I also believe that most people have lost their ability to communicate telepathically because they live in confusion. Confusion like thinking silly things like: thinking that humans are superior then animals, ignoring the environment, pretending that human beings are more important then other living things, and I can go on and on. The reality is that humans are animals and equal to everything else on earth/universe but we are different. 

To make telepathic information clearer, people must first understand the difference between the different levels that psychic messages are send. For example: Someone can be thinking of saying something but they don't say it because there's no good purpose for using those words. By understanding who people are and what they would actually say or do, you'll save a great deal of time and energy when it comes to having telepathic powers that include great accuracy.

The psychic body area of a telepathic is located around the forehead.

The psychic body area effected strongest by telepathy is the third eye area of the forehead and the many other parts of the brain.

How to become a telepathic psychic

To become psychic you need to care about the individual that you are trying to get telepathic messages from. You should also care about the different energies you try to receive messages from. The fact is that if you don't care about all energies your mind won't open to any energy. You must first start caring. Then, do a little research about your subject or partner. Everyone is your partner. This is the mind set that will open the channels. When you think someone is thinking something ask them and find out if you are tuning in to our telepathic abilities. Practice listening to people and being considerate towards everyone. Get a positive mantra.

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