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How love works, making loving relationships and understanding it

Love is a beautiful experience that only comes to those who understand how to share and not use. True love is not obsession or desire. 
* Year 2007 updates:
You will Find Love by doing a lot of Sharing, Caring, Swearing to be a friend and by working hard to make things work out to the end. Arguments are natural when necessary and aren't a big deal but really sensitive people may lose love when they get attacked. 
True Love is doing what your partner wants even if you don't want to and you're partner should do the same for You. Then You will understand true Love.
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It is much deeper then that. Most people confuse love and desire so they loose themselves in that and never even know that they are Not in love. When you start a loving relationship or have had several loving relationships you don't mind loosing the one you love if you know it's best for him or her. You care so much and feel a great sense of peace (if you don't feel it you can't understand true love but don't worry this page will bring the light again).

What is Love?
Love is deep and simple. Love is self-less not selfish. Love is fair but sacrifices. These are basic things about love. True love comes to those who understand that everyone is equal but different. Loving someone is like wanting to make some one feel great without doing it just so that person stays with you. You want to share life with the other person whenever possible.

How to find love or fall in love
Finding love is possible when you understand what love is and you move by sharing and not using. This might seem like something only an angel of God could do but you can do it too if you want to be in love, fall in it or find it. You must learn that everyone is equal (including animals, plants trees etc) but different. Everyone deserves fair treatment. You must learn to love your friends in the same way you love your life partner (without perversions). Love is a real experience that comes to everyone not just human beings. SERIOUSLY. When you slowly move with respect, fairness and compassion towards all ... you will live with great peace of mind and radiate love that you can later share with anyone.

True love and Marriage
True love has nothing to do with marriage! In fact, marriage usually kills love because it turns it into a forced prison not a choice. Marrying someone just for insurance or to make it harder for them to leave you is a sick and cruel thing to do. Most women think that just because they want someone a lot they are in love but they are confusing their animal instincts for love. Of course, love comes with desire but I considerate a great injustice to call true love something as basic as wanting a brand new toy. And to say that if someone is in love they should get married should be a crime. If you love someone there is No need for marriage. All you need is each other. Marriage is only justifiable if or when someone has children and both individuals consented to bring a child into the world.

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