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10 original jokes I will try to to write right now, right? - it took me 7 minutes to come up with them.

1. Why is it hard to find funny jokes on the internet? because lazy clowns are to busy clowning around and not sitting at their computer.

2. Why do clowns have red noses ... because they want to make you laugh.

3. Where do clowns hide when they don't want to be seen? In a clown hotel under the bed or in a big clown closet.

are you laughing yet?

4. What's funnier then 10 barrels full of clowns? 11 barrels full of clowns making funny faces and telling jokes. =O)

5. What do clowns and jokers have in common? They should both be funny but the joker is also an actor in batman movies.

6. Why do clowns where so much make up? To hide when they're jokes aren't funny.

7. Why do clowns have such giant shoes? That's where they hide they're really funny jokes (no one checks inside their shoes).

don't worry its almost over ... only 3 more original jokes to go.

8. Why do many people say their internet is too slow? The internet isn't too slow ...their brains is too fast.

9. Are there any non-human animals that tell jokes? Yes but most people don't speak their language. 

10. Why do people laugh when people fart in public? Many popular Scientists say that .... Humans actually fart laughing gas. 

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