Hello, I'm a caring and Single man in Los Angeles
looking for a Good Friend who is a Female & Single.


Hello, I'm here looking for a Female Friend who is also Single like me. I currently live in Los Angeles, California. I was born in California but I speak English and Espanol. I hope You read the first 5 paragraphs since that's important... the rest of this page is fun stuff about me. Before wasting time I just wanted to mention that I'm looking for a female friend who is Single with No kids and is Not a drug addict and lives around Los Angeles, California. Thank you.

See my video and hear my Voice here - http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5d8R98nNxwI

I'm a caring man who is also considerate, Unique (one of a kind), I'm usually thin or average built, Single, I'm straight (I only date woman), Non-Smoker, No drugs, No kids, No pets, artistic, funny, helpful, peaceful and seeking a good friend. By the way, if we become good friends I will treat You wonderfully and I'll help You achieve your dreams and goals in life. I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I live near Downtown LA.

My Job? I create websites plus fix smart phones and computers. And I've taught English, Spanish and other languages in the past.

Please, No Esscorts and No Women trying to get Paid for dates or get paid for friendship, I'm not into that.

What type of Friend am I looking for?? I'm simply looking for a good friend who is nice. BUT Here's a list of the type People I don't get along with and I will probably end a friendship if this applies to You. Are you ready? Here we go ... NO Smokers, No Drug-users, I'm only seeking Someone with No kids, No people who are extremely over weight, No guys or T--S, No gangsters, No Criminals and No Thieves (I'm quick to call the cops, seriously). No Dog owners because many people are Allergic to Pet Hair, Must be over 18 years of age but under 118 years old, No Gold Diggers and No Evil Monsters. That's how I feel and I'm very serious about all that. If you'd like a good friend like me in your life... you can keep reading.

See my video and hear my Voice here - http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5d8R98nNxwI

We can also meet at a metro train station or near public transportation.

All good people deserve Love and Care so I'll date a Good Lady of Any Race (Hispanic, Asian, Mixed Races, White, Black, Brown, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Pink, Rainbow Colored, Islander, Extraterrestrial, or whatever as long as you are a good person). I happen to be mixed race (Latino/White but race isn't important). If you have minor disabilities or other issues I'll talk with you. I don't treat people like objects or trophies. I have my own apartment in LA and I live alone in the 90006 zip code (thats fairly close to Downtown LA). And I don't have any felonies and have never been to prison.

Plus I'm a pretty funny and affectionate guy so if we becomes friends I would like to hug you and kiss you at least on the cheek and thats important to me.

Religion? I'm not religious. But I like to think that there are spirits and other living things in the Universe.

Age isn't important since age is just a number and your height is just a number, too. I don't discriminate over someones age so 18 to 50 is fine or even older if you're a good person with No kids. But I'm in my thirties... so I'm over 6 feet tall but thats not important. Oh, for safety reasons I don't tell people exactly where I live unless we become truly good friends. Well, that seems fair. contact me via text or call only. Available 10am to 10pm. Call and tell me about yourself..... three two three. six three five. three seven seven one. If we get along it'll be great and if we don't we can just stop communicating... its no big deal. You can call from a blocked number, too. If we get along we can meet in person. I won't travel out of California. :)

I'm not a very social person so I only go out with 1 person at a time. Plus I've seen a lot of suffering in my life so I'm sensitive. I don't have any truly good friends in my life, yet. Plus I don't have any parents or siblings :(

My Hobbies? Watching Youtube, Listening to Music, Movies, Art, TV, working out 3 times a week (to stay strong and healthy), eating healthy food (eating my fruits and veggies to stay healthy), hoping to find a good friend, helping people, cooking, saving the world, and many more hobbies. :)


Favorite Music? I own thousands of MP3's, all types of music (English/Espanol). I enjoy Popular music, Love Songs, Oldies, FM Radio and More. Favorite artists are Katy Perry, Mariah Carey, Rihanna, Shakira, and many others.


Favorite Movies & TV? I've seen hundreds of Movies & TV shows. I prefer Comedies, action movies, Educational stuff and more.


Thats my story feel free to contact me and tell me about yourself.

Take care


Marco (but you can give me any nick name since birth names aren't important to me).

.................THE END.................

Contact? If you read the page above you'll read my contact info. Reading through it is fun.




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