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The Caring and Wonderful Man who created "Funny Party Planet" is 
SINGLE and Looking for a Female Friend in Los Angeles

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I'm a very caring and considerate man with a good heart and wonderful personality and Soul.
I'm physically living near downtown Los Angeles, California.

I'm here looking for a caring female friend who is single, like me. If you want to meet me in person you will have to live in Los Angeles California.

If you don't physically live in LA .... you should know that there are probably many guys in the city you live in .... and you can talk to them.

If you ARE living in Los Angeles & you don't have any kids ... I can tell you that I'm looking for a friend who is single, fairly thin, considerate, nice, doesn't have any kids, age 18 & over, doesn't wear makeup or wears very little make-up & there's more below. 
 **NO email buddies, No texting buddies, either. Just call & we can meet.
My Phone Number is somewhere in this page.

About Me:

I'm a really caring, considerate and thoughtful guy. I know age is just a number but I'm in my 20's and seeking a friend 18 & over.
Oh and I was born and raised in Los Angeles.

Religion or personal beliefs?

I believe in God. I believe in Spirits and Angels. I believe that people & animals have Souls.  but I'm Not religious at all.
Did I mention I'm Single?
I will not tell you or anyone else where I live ... until we've dated for a long time and I feel you are loving. =o)
I don't have a car but I do have a bike and 2 legs.

What type of female friend do I get along with?

You must be Single, NO Kids, NON-Smoker, NO Drug addicts, be thin or fairly thin, healthy, if you're anorexic I'll date you but Not if you're obese, Not dating other guys, live in Los Angeles California and be very caring, kind, affectionate and considerate. You should not be a shallow or superficial person or greedy gold digger. I won't send any photos. I don't have a car but I do have a bus pass and a bicycle and a Good Soul.

Oh, And If we go out, NO bringing friends along or family or pets or anyone else on the date. Just You & Me. No tattle tales or spies.
Don't be jealous, Don't wear a lot of make up... No make-up is best but that's up to you. Must be thin. No fake hair.
Oh, and you should be willing to give me FREE HUGS & Kisses.
Age: Over 18. Between 18 and 99 years of age would be nice. I'm in my Twenties but age is just a number. But NO KIDS and no Ex-Boyfriends hanging around. Age is just a number and love is more than a feeling.

Call me if interested in meeting. My Number is under that map below. 

Take Care.

So here's my number ..Call 323..635..3771. No emails. Not texting. Only talking then meeting if we get along
If I don't pick up leave a message or 2 message with phone number. Sometimes my voicemails disappear or get cut.
Monday to Friday after 11am. Los Angeles California time.
Saturday and Sunday I'm available after 9PM to 11:30PM - Los Angeles California time.



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