is a place to find funny photos, pictures and much more. 

* FREE or Trade for Sevices
(TRADE for Your Electronics).
Only In Los Angeles California. We must meet in person near Downtown LA.

* Website Design for YOU or Others - Free or Trade
* Graphic Design or Photo effects
- Free or Trade
* Phone Fixes or Consultation / Phone Enhancements
* Laptop Fixes and Consultation
- Free or Trade
* Plus Other Services (read below)

 Photo Samples are below

Trade vs FREE?
Trade means we can negotiate a fair deal for whatever we're trading (especially electronics). I will not do anything illegal and I don't help criminals or evil people either. I'm not a business or organization this is just my hobby. Details below.
A Free Website is for Women only in the same way women get into some clubs for free. It is also limited to 1 page and 1 or 2 photos. And It's limited if I have free time and if I feel that you are a "Good Person" and I wont do anything illegal.

We must meet in person near Downtown Los Angeles, CA.

Website Sample

* I only accept cash donations of any amount or trade. NO Payments accepted.
I'm Not a Business or Organization. I'm not an Employee or Employer this is just my Hobby.

What will I trade for?
I may consider trading for working electronics for favors. Electronics must work, no missing parts, No items with cracked screens, nor severely damaged stuff, No stolen items & nothing illegal. The Battery must work and you must prove it works.
Here's a list of Electronics I may trade for:
* Old Smart phones that accept 32+ GB memory cards or higher (No iphones).
      (I probably wont connect the phone I will just use it as an educational toy).
* Android Tablets that accept 32+ GB memory cards (No ipads).
* Laptops with windows and a working battery & plug. NO Macs, No iphones.
* Memory cards for smart phones of 16 gb or higher.
* TV's (Television must be LCD or LED and pretty thin... any size but not huge).
* A working USB hard drive of 500 GB or higher.
* Working USB thumbdrives 32 GB or higher.
* If you look under 18 ... you must prove youre older.

About me: I'm just a nice guy who was born in California and I enjoy helping good people. I have No felonies or misdermeanors. And I've never been to prison.
"I reserve the Right to Refuse to communicate with anyone" Because I have that Legal Right.
Must read entire page before contacting me.

Things I can do for You?
In the past, I may have worked as a Website designer, Graphic Designer, Phone Repair guy, consultant of all types of electronics, laptop repair guy and consultant, photographer, language tutor, I've done photo special effects, I've helped people with Youtube Videos, and lots of stuff over the years. And I can do these favors for you for free or trade for electronics.

* The FREE favors is for Women only. It work in the same way You choose who you will talk with when walking down the street. You dont have to talk to anyone who talks to You. In the same way, I don't have to provide any of the services or favors to anyone who asks. I'm not a business or organizations. This is just my hobby.

* I only accept cash donations of any amount or trade. NO Payments accepted.

Trading for a so called "service/favor" is more serious and we can come to an agreement.
OK so if you're interested... three two three - six three five three seven seven one. calll ten am to ten pm. please read entire page before calling.
* I only accept cash donations of any amount or trade. NO Payments accepted.

Samples of my work are below.
Plus I designed every page in


Website for Day Care Center/ baby Sitter
Donna does affordable baby sitting in the
California Bay area near San Francisco.

New Model/Actress/Entertainer Website

Aileen is a professional Model and Actress. She's
appeared in TV shows and Special Events. 


Artist/Entertainers/Actors Website
Weapons of Pleasure is a Rock & Roll Band in
California. Their music has been in Popular Movies.


Susie and Richard Painting
This is a construction and painting Website
Dozens of photos and pages created.

Business Website
Private Label Jeans is a California Company that
designs custom made Jeans

Professional Business Website
This site has over 200 photos & Over 40 pages.
Took several weeks to construct.

Professional Business Website
Voila Juice is one of the Largest Juice Companies
in the State of California.

Business Website
I designed this website some time ago. I helped get it into search engine. Soon After it was almost always full.

Business Website
This is a small business that sells unique figurines throughout
the United States.


Musician/Entertainer Website
John is an international singing sensation & musician. He's performed in many countries around the world.

Artist/Entertainer Website
Jenny is an Entertainer, Masseuse, House Keeper,
she does child care and much more.

Restaurant Business Website
This is a restaurant website has 5 pages & 30 photos
Very popular website.


Details about services:

* So Why is it sometimes Free for Women only?
1. Because I'm NOT a professional and I don't run a business.
2. Because sometimes I trade electronics for my favors.
3. Because I'm growing my resume and I have free time.
4. There are many people on the brink of homelessness who deserve a chance and favors.

** Plus I do accept Free cash donations of Any amount.

Most Important... keep in mind that I am NOT a Business or organization and I dont have Business bills or rents so I can do this. I am doing this as a favor to people I think are good people and Not doing anything illegal either. Plus I am not required to work for you or for anyone for free but I might if I want to.

* So whats the catch? There are several rules and conditions but this is all for FREE or TRADE of electronics if I decide to do these favors for You.
You must be over 18 years of age because even talking with under aged people can be illegal. The other catch is that you'll have to read this whole page to contact me :)
* Things I wont do. I wont do anything illegal, I dont fix broken screens, I dont replace broken wires or broken parts, I dont let people abuse me and I've never been to prison and never will.

Would you like to pay me? Sorry but I DO NOT accept payments. Only accept donations.

OK so if you're interested... three two three - six three five three seven seven one. call ten am to ten pm. please read entire page before calling.

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The sale of any photos I took is prohibited. 
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